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The Principles of Publication and The Rules of Writing

  • This periodic is maintally consist of the subjects reqarding education of plastically arts and besides all of the topics relation with the history of art, sosyology of art, anthropoyogy of art, psychology of art, art and mythology, art and religion, esthetic, (philosophy of art), critical of art, archeology and art, museology and art, educations of museums.

  • The publishing language is Turkish. In additation, writtings in all other foreign languages (as preciding: English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Italian, and etc.) will be accept but in this case, it must be added the text a translation of the original if possible in Turkish otherwise in English. Also, a short summary of the text must be exist in original language and it's translation to Turkish or English. 

  • Texts must be corresponded according to the rules of the Turkish Language Office.

  • Except the words which have been taking as a part of wide spread using pleace in Turkish-instead of foreign words-it must be preffered their similars in Turkish.

  • The distance between two lines one and half, Winword 6.0 or more.

  • The type of inscription: Arial.

  • The blanks of the page: at the top and bottom: 3 cm; at the right and left side: 2 cm.

  • Special recess from writing blocks will be 1 cm.

  • Title will be in the middle of the page. It's limited with 12 words. Name of ather: In the middle of the page, dark-thick (bold) and size of 11.

  • Summary is limited with 100 words and keywords must be taken place under the summary.

  • The size of main article:12, sources:10. Sources must be taken place at the end of the text.

  • Texts must be recorded to the CD or Disc.

  • Texts must be sent by e-mail to this address, sanatvebilgi@gmail.com Sanat ve Bilgi Gülcan Başar Akkaya, Çınar Mah. Yıldız Sokak 16/3 Küçükyalı,Maltepe - İSTANBUL / TURKEY

  • The visual documentations must be recorded with the name in the text and the solvent degree must be 30 cm and 150 dpi.

  • Sending texts by e-mail must be unpublished before or not to be send to the other sites and organs of publication. If a text took place in a scientically activity and publisped partly (as a summary) it can be sent us as a complately text, too.

  • Sending text are exemined by The Committee of the Periodic. Before, it's approval form, aim, subject, the way of offering and writing rules of sending text by the Committee of The Review. After that, accepted texts are introduced to the sight of the Commitee of The Publication in order to determine their scientific contents. Confirmed texts will be exemine by the Commitee of The Publication are published at an appropriate time which depend on: tecnical possibilities of the review and numbers of applications. 

  • Senders of articles for publication must pay attention the criticals, suggestions and wishes of corrections from The Commitee of The Publication. The rights of publication of texts (published or non published) are belong to The Review of Art and Knowledge. The responsibilities form the texts are belong to their authors.

  • There is no a limit for page numbers.

  • With the approval of The Commitee of The Publication, long texts can be published as series of writing .

  • The way of selection of the texts which took place in the review are noticed to prevent of all kind of propogandist approaches from some persons, offices, establishments, ideas and etc.


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